104-year-old Jaring Timmerman says swimming a key to longevity

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Jaring Timmerman says the benefits of swimming have played an important role in his longevity and excellent health throughout his life. The 104-year-old Winnipeg swimmer made headlines once again last week when he officially became the world’s oldest Masters swimmer.

“There’s no doubt swimming has definitely kept me in shape,” said Timmerman, who amazes with his sporting achievements and overall sharpness.

“It’s a sport that requires you to use all your muscles on your body. I thought it would be good for me and it’s something to do. It’s fun to win all the medals and be able to give them to my grandchildren. It’s a challenge for me. That’s why I do it.”

Here is a video with Mr Timmerman


Also on Vimeo

104-year-old Jaring Timmerman swims for a world record – Jan 2014 from Melissa Tait on Vimeo.


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