Clenbuterol contaminated meat still a problem in China


A valid question from Michael Jamieson on Twitter


The problem still exists, here is a Chinese story from August

A total of 441 kilograms of frozen beef without health quarantining by the Animal Health Supervision Institute was seized in a raid of a shopping center in the Futian District of Shenzhen. Law enforcement officers took samples from the 10 batches of frozen beef, one of which was detected to contain clenbuterol.

And I’m afraid that the answer may be that they just don’t eat meat

Last January [2012], 700 athletes were barred from eating beef for 15 days after the General Administration of Sport of China found excessive levels of clenbuterol in their samples.

“I was at a total loss and did not know what to do except stop serving beef to the athletes,” Yang said.

The country’s national aquatics team fared even worse when their handlers’ couldn’t find additive-free meat. The team’s 196 athletes weren’t served beef, pork, or mutton for 40 days beginning in January.

Or maybe they test like the table tennis team

“Since the start of this year, all the meat we use for the team come from the training camp. Since the International Olympic Committee gives so much importance to the clenbuterol problem, we have increased the testing requirements of all our meat 10 levels higher.” Kong Linghui said.

The latest news is that Sun Yang’s jailmates apparently had to go on a vegetarian diet with him, that week he was in jail, because Sun feared the meat.

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