“From Battles to Bubbles”: SCUBA Therapy Program boosts mind and body of injured veterans

See for instance wistv.com and vaanswers.org

An IED explosion left a soldier with PTSD along with brain and back injuries. It also cost him his career in the military. Today, he is getting a second chance.

Through the Veterans Benefits Foundation, medically retired Staff Sergeant Cliff Goble is the first disabled veteran to take part in a SCUBA Therapy Program on the East Coast.

He says being underwater is an escape from the pain and stress he suffers from every day.

“You didn’t have the weight of walking or sitting or anything. I have really bad back problems and problems with my head, it was nice not to think about anything. You have other stuff to worry about, like checking my gear,” he described after taking the first plunge into the dive tank at NU Horizons Dive Shop.

This program is being called “From Battles to Bubbles,” and allows veterans with PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, and physical disabilities to be able to learn and be licensed in SCUBA diving.

wistv.com – Columbia, South Carolina |


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