Oleg Lisogor allegedly detained in Liberia this weekend over kidnapping charges

oleg-lisogorRead for instance forUm and AllAfrica

The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine verifies information on detention of swimming world champion Oleg Lisogor and his business partner Mykola Chernyshev by the Liberian police on charges of kidnapping and long-term detention of a person. […]

According to the newspaper [Liberian Heritage], the defendants kidnapped Slipchenko and kept him in one of the apartments locked up for 9 days after they learned that he had been associated in Ukraine with criminal circles, and intended to deport him to his homeland.

Out of the Heritage story

The charge sheet further disclosed that victim injured himself and used his blood and printed it on the glass door, “’PLEASE CALL TO POLICE…HELP ME” and had same placed on one of the glass windows. When the attendants saw the information, they informed the Land Lord of the Nokia Building in person of one Mr. Samer Halabi.

According to for instance Ukrainian National News, Lisogor and business partner Chernyshev have been released again. They own several casinos in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia.

The story on Ukranian TV


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