Awesome April Fools story starring Anthony Ervin that we missed

Have to start following Blogstroke, I guess :-)

If you’ve been waiting to see one of your favorite U.S. Men’s Olympic Swim Team members as a leading man on the big screen, here’s your chance.

Olympic gold medalist Anthony Ervin has the leading role in Swim for Love. Based on “actual events” a swimmer must chose between swimming at the Olympics for his country, or swim across the Atlantic Ocean to be reunited with his true love.


4 responses to “Awesome April Fools story starring Anthony Ervin that we missed”

  1. daisy2225 Avatar

    goswim Too funny! Can’t believe u missed it!

  2. FitandAbel Avatar

    goswim AnthonyErvin haha classic :) Ervin for an Oscar for sure.

    1. @FitandAbel goswim AnthonyErvin Oscar material for sure ! :-D

  3. DdubsGaPeach34 Avatar

    JEllsburygirl Dubscovergirl6 hahaha i love it!! Though if AnthonyErvin swam across an ocean for me i’d be thrilled!! #LoveYaAnthony :)

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