Michael Phelps seen swimming at Meadowbrook post-Olympics

Star spotting Baltimore-style :-)

“I spotted Michael Phelps at Meadowbrook on Aug. 16, not at a hero’s welcome, but as he worked out and swam. Yes, he is still swimming.”

See Baltimore Sun

As I walked to the farthest 25-meter lane by the ladder, a tan, bearded face in the water was looking up, talking casually to a pool manager. Home from the Olympics, there was Michael Phelps in lane 5, not in the London Aquatics Centre, but at humble Meadowbrook.

Soon he turned. His tan back arched, then his signature wingspread sent long arms out and forward in the water. He was swimming at home again, at a relaxed pace, without a cap or racing suit.

His longtime coach, Bob Bowman was not in position at the end of the lane. No one cheered. No photographers or reporters were on the deck. No one crowded by the edge, hoping for autographs. Just a few mothers and kids stood up in the sand.


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