Ehm, the Olympic beds are only 172 cm long (5 feet 8)

The London 2012 Olympic Village is now officially open for business, looks okay but the beds are tiny by most standards, some of us would call them ‘kid’s size’. They have arrangement for longer beds for ‘extra long beds’ for basketball players, rowers and the like … but really, 172 cm ?!? Read for instance Business Insider, Yahoo! Sport, Gulf News.


5 responses to “Ehm, the Olympic beds are only 172 cm long (5 feet 8)”

  1. susvim Avatar

    WTF… exept from the gymnasts, who that tiny?
    Many 13-14 yo. kids are that size nowadays….
    I guess the madras goes on the floor, and the rest out of the window… just to make a point.
    WTF were they thinking? Who uses beds this size?
    Now we know why english men are known as the world worst lovers :)))

    1.  @susvim Not worst, only second worst, Germans are worst, I looked it up ! :-D

      1. susvim Avatar

         @swimmersdaily Ohh well, it looks like they want their title back then… 172 cm long beds.. omfg ;-)

  2. susvim Avatar

    I’m not a rower… I’m not playing basketball…  so I have to sleep in this? The gymnast are prob. being told to bring a confy suitcase to use as a bed? I’ll stop now.. promise :DSee you on the 22nd London ;)

  3. In Olympics everything has to be perfect. The food, security everything. Why are they compromising with beds?

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