Muse’s “Survival” is the official 2012 Olympic anthem

According to Buzzfeed, they have a poll asking “Is it great?” with the answer “Yes” at the moment narrowly surpassing “OH GOD, PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!”. In other news, Ian Thorpe is to feature in a “mood video” to set the scene at the aquatic centre, to go with this song. Brilliant.


3 responses to “Muse’s “Survival” is the official 2012 Olympic anthem”

  1. swimmersdaily Avatar

    @goswim I dare not say what I voted :-)

    1. goswim Avatar

      @swimmersdaily I have a feeling we both clicked the same button. ;)

  2. […] OK, it is a lot better with those accompanying images, than without. […]

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