South African Trials: Van der Burgh qualifies for the Olympics

At the South African Championships today, world-championship bronze medalist Cameron van der Burgh clocked 59.90, third best in the world so far this year, qualifying for the Olympics. Charl Crous qualified in the 100 backstroke semi with a time of 54.19, and Chad le Clos in the 200 freestyle semi with a time of 1:47.20. Yesterday Chad Le Clos and Riaan Schoeman qualified in the men’s 400 IM with 4:13.86 and 4:15.60 respectively, and Kahryn Meaklim with a time of 4:37.70 in the women’s 400 IM. And Heerden Herman managed a qualifying time of 3:48.57 in the men’s 400 freestyle, but apparently needs to win also the 1500 freestyle later in the week in order to qualify. Read SwimNews, SwimmingWorld Magazine here and here, and SuperSport.


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