Russia’s Olympic swimming team finalized

The lineup of the Russian Olympic swimming team is complete, with 29 athletes earning the right to represent their country in London 2012, following the conclusion of the National Championships in Moscow. According to RT the one chance that Russian swimmers had to qualify for the Summer Olympics, which makes you wonder what the heck Lobintsev was thinking:

“You know I came to the championships completely out of form, which was plain to see,” Lobintsev explained. “I completely flunked the 400 meters and didn’t do much better in the 200 meters. But now I’ve more or less found my form again, I got silver in the 100 meters and managed to qualify and I still think that’s a success.”

The Russian Olympic team according to the federation


  • 50 freestyle – Andrey Grechin, Sergey Fesikov
  • 100 freestyle – Danila Izotov, Nikita Lobintsev
  • 200 freestyle – Danila Izotov, Evgeny Lagunov
  • 100 butterfly – Evgeny Korotyshkin, Nikolay Skvortsov
  • 200 butterfly – Nikolay Skvortsov
  • 100 breaststroke – Roman Sludnov
  • 200 breaststroke – Vyacheslav Sinkevich
  • 100 backstroke – Arkady Vyatchanin, Vladimir Morozov,
  • 200m backstroke – Arkady Vyatchanin, Anton Anchin
  • 200 IM – Alexander Tikhonov
  • 400 IM – Alexander Tikhonov
  • 4×100 freestyle – Danila Izotov, Nikita Lobintsev, Andrey Grechin, Vladimir Morozov, reserves Sergey Fesikov, Evgeny Lagunov
  • 4×200 freestyle – Danila Izotov, Evgeny Lagunov, Nikita Lobintsev, Artem Lobuzov, reserves Mikhail Polishchuk, Alexander Sukhorukov .
  • 4×100 medley – Roman Sludnov, Evgeny Korotyshkin, Arkady Vyatchanin, Danila Izotov, reserves Vladimir Morozov, Vyacheslav Sinkevich


  • 100 freestyle – Veronika Popova
  • 200 freestyle – Veronika Popova
  • 100 breaststroke – Yuliya Efimova, Daria Deeva
  • 200 breaststroke – Anastasia Chaun, Yuliya Efimova
  • 100 backstroke – Anastasia Zueva
  • 200 backstroke – Anastasia Zueva
  • 400 IM – Yana Martynova
  • 4×100 freestyle – Veronika Popova, Margarita Nesterova, Natalya Lovtsova, Victoria Andreeva
  • 4×200 freestyle – Elena Sokolova, Veronika Popova, Maria Baklakova, Daria Belyakina
  • 4×100 medley – Anastasia Zueva, Yulia Efimova, Irina Bespalova, Veronika Popova

Notice that their was some special arrangement concerning Alexander Tikhonov and Veronika Popova … I don’t get what they are trying to explain, but here is the Google translation:

By decision of the Presidium of the WWF, it was decided to admit to the Olympic Games 2012 in individual events program athletes who have selected the national team in the championship of Russia and have made ​​a qualifying standard at these distances, as shown in the year. These athletes include Veronika Popova , who will swim 100 meters and 200 meters freestyle, and Alexander Tikhonov – 200 m medley.


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