Wanna swim with a 5.5 meter long crocodile ?

His name is Chopper and he lives in the Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin, Australia. They have this thing called the Cage of Death, which is a flimsy looking plexiglass enclosure inside the crocodile’s pool (or ‘territory’, as some would call it) that you (and/or the crocodile?) can dive into, to get a real close look at each other. Via Oddee, that mentions 7 other extreme tourist attractions.

If you can live with only a half version of that croc, there was this 2.5 meter specimen swimming inside a swimmers enclosure at a beach in Cairns recently. Just love how that kid reckons “If it comes on the beach, I’m gonna have to have a run for it” :-)

And I think this was the same croc incident, only with other witnesses.


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