Chris DeSantis on the Faroese visit in his home pool

Tomorrow’s Duel in the Pool will be held at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center, home of the Yellow Jacket swimming and diving program, where The Swim Brief‘s Chris DeSantis is Assistant Coach. He writes here about now meeting our guys Pál Joensen and coach Jón Bjarnason, discussing among other things how many athletes one coach can manage with the quality of training decreasing for each individual athlete. Interesting!

“What is the magic number? I don’t know, but if I had to guess it would probably be less than ten. Jon has every reason to be overconfident about his own coaching ability, but he had enough humility to admit that it has been a challenge to add just one more international caliber swimmer to his coaching responsibilities earlier this year.

(ooh, Coach DeSantis keeps a pair of Swedish goggles in his locker)

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