The Swim Watch Battle: FINIS Swimsense vs Swimovate Pool-Mate Pro

A must-read here on DC Rainmaker: A triathlete testing both the FINIS Swimsense and the Swimovate Pool-Mate Pro for 3 months, on occasions wearing both at once. He finds both to be very accurate, ending up identical in terms of distance/laps even after 3,000 yards. But he cannot test stroke identification, due to his triathlete-like lack of form stroke skills. Now, this is where a guy like me could help out, hint hint, nudge nudge.

A) If you want a very slim watch that records the basics and you don’t have to worry about charging, then the Swimovate Pool-Mate Pro is best for you. It has a very clean/slim design that ultimately allows you to get your core swim data (distance/time/pace).

B) If you want a device that has more analytics capability, and can give you more data and functionality then the FINIS Swimsense watch is really the one for you. The watch offers more for the data driven person, with more compatibility and expansion options.


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  1. […] is a training aid that monitors progress in the pool, much like the Finis Swimsense or Swimovate Pool-Mate Pro, but more simplified without buttons or display, to act more as a passive device than a watch. The […]

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