Waterproof your iPhone by spraying NeverWet™ on it ?


NeverWet™ is a patent-pending, silicon-based superhydrophobic spray-on coating or paint by Ross Nanotechnology that deflects nearly all liquids, heavy oils, ice, corrosion, bacteria etc so extremely much better than for instance Teflon, that NeverWet-infused materials “have remained under seawater for over a year and reemerged completely dry.”

It will apparently make anything waterproof that you put it on, including fabrics and electronics. We’re talking never having to wash your clothes again (until you wash them with the only two liquids that will penetrate it: soap and alcohol). And being able to use your iPhone under water. Question is as asked here: What happens if you sprayed this onto your skin?

Via CNet, GadgetReview

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