Take note, the 2012 WADC in Lund on January 12-15

On 12-15 January 2012, Stadshallen/Högevallsbadet in Lund, Sweden will host the 1st World Aquatic Development Conference, featuring Bill Boomer, Milt Nelms, Alex Nikitin, Brad Burnham, Chris Martin, US Olympic Head Coach Teri McKeever and multiple Olympic gold medal winner Shane Gould. There will be five tracks, ranging from “Learn to Swim” over “Women in Sports” to “Competitive swimming”. The organizers know their stuff, they organized a successful conference with Boomer, Nelms and Gould in Haderslev, Denmark back in 2005 that I attended, and are now with this “Swedish Center for Aquatic Research” establishing a state-of-the-art training and testing facility with 3D underwater filming and stuff in Lund. Who knows, maybe we will meet there in January.

Breakfast table at the Haderslev 2005 conference. Kirkegaard, me, Boomer, Gould & Nelms


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