Lab now denies having contaminated Cielo’s supplement

Yesterday, we heard that César Cielo’s supplement contamination had been found and confirmed to be from the pharmacy where his usual supplement was prepared. Today, however, the pharmacy denies accordingly to, saying that they always take very careful sanitation measures, including never using the same tray on the same day, and that the cross-contamination was not their fault. Read more here on The Swimmers Circle.

In other news also on The Swimmers Circle, FINA knew of Cielo’s positive test prior to the Paris Open, but FINA President Julio Maglione and CBDA President Coaracy Nunes decided that it was best to wait until after the meet to let the athletes know of the positive test. The Swimmers Circle speculates that this seems to make it even less likely that FINA will overturn the CBDA ruling that it was accidental cross-contamination of a non-performance enhancing substance


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