Myrtha admits possible current in Barcelona 2013 pool, will do better in Berlin


Read SwimVortex:

Trevor Tiffany, chairman of Myrtha USA, spokesperson for A&T Europe S.p.a.’s Myrtha Pools division and the man who stripped off and took to the water with plastic bottles in Barcelona last year in an attempt to show that the company simply could not detect any evidence of a significant current, now acknowledges that there is evidence on the clock and results sheets from Barcelona to suggest that there was a current in the pool.

The current controversy was first brought to light by the blog AstuteCrunch, SwimVortex and SwimmingWorld Magazine, shortly after the Barcelona 2013 World Swimming Championships.

We had a little part in the story also, while SwimSwam’s expert Braden Keith in contrast dismissed the theory, noting that the scientists at the Indiana University Counsilman Center of Swimming Performance were ‘a group that falls under the auspices of the department of public health, rather than engineering or statistical measurement’:

While we await the Counsilman Center’s full report, we sit and pray that they find better information than that which they’ve provided. While we don’t have the backing of Indiana University here at SwimSwam, we have taken plenty of statistics classes, certainly enough to conquer this basic math, and enough to see even bigger flaws in the accusations than the supposed ‘flaws’ in the pool.

As mentioned also in The Wall Street Journal, Myrtha is devising an instrument to detect water currents and will test it at the upcoming European championships in Berlin. Myrtha spokesman Trevor Tiffany says the new instrument will be “far more sophisticated” than the improvised test used in Barcelona.

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