The 158th annual London boat race interrupted by swimmer


The annual race between Cambridge University and Oxford was interrupted at the midway point today when a man in wetsuit moved between the boats and was almost hit by one of the Oxford oar blades, Oxford then slightly ahead. After a delay of about 30 minutes, the race was restarted near the midway point, Oxford momentarily regaining its lead before a clash of boats resulted in them breaking an oar, Cambridge then cruising to victory against only 7 rowers on the Oxford boat. Oxford bow man, Alexander Wood, was carried off the boat after the race and given medial treatment. The swimmer has been identified as Trenton Oldfield who studied contemporary urbanism at the London School of Economics, and who has a website called Elitism Leads to Tyranny which discusses civil disobedience tactics. All in a day’s work, as they say in England.

The Media just loves this story

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