CC photo #23: Pál being tested at the Kalev Spa in Estonia


Pál Joensen being tested at the Kalev Spa in Tallinn, Estonia, by Rein Haljand, Ph.D, Professor of Kinesiology at the Tallinn University. I highly recommend the service of Mr. Haljand, used by LEN for competition analyses since ‘forever’, and by a multitude of national teams for technique analyses. I also recommend the Kalev Spa facility, as a nice 50 meter pool connected to a hotel that for instance focuses on being asthma- and allergy-friendly, in a cosy city based around the medieval-looking old town, listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list.

The ‘runner’ is Haljand’s son and technique analysis assistant, Holger.

Pál being tested at the Kalev Spa in Tallinn


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