15 Danish swimmers qualified for Berlin 2014 Europeans

At the end of the Danish Open 2014 in Bellahøj tonight, the Danish swimming federation announced the 15 swimmers qualified for the LEN 2014 European Swimming Championships in Berlin.

In another press release national coach Nick Juba commented: “I think that the trials have been efficient and successful, but also fairly predictable. Our ‘big hitters’ have raced unrested and have done as much as they have needed to do. They have still swam pretty fast, but will no doubt swim much faster when they need to.”

  • Rikke Møller Pedersen, Herning/NTC
  • Lotte Friis, Sigma Swim Allerød/USA
  • Jeanette Ottesen, Lyngby/NTC
  • Pernille Blume, Sigma Swim Birkerød/NTC
  • Mie Ø. Nielsen, Aalborg
  • Louise Dalgaard, Aalborg
  • Julie Levisen, Aalborg
  • Sarah Bro, Lyngby/NTC
  • Julie Aglund Lauridsen, Sigma Swim Allerød/NTC
  • Maj Howardsen, Sigma Swim Allerød
  • Daniel Steen Andersen, Horsens/NTC
  • Mads Glæsner, Sigma Swim Allerød/USA
  • Anton Ø. Ipsen, Sigma Swim Birkerød
  • Viktor B. Bromer, Aalborg
  • Daniel Skaaning, STT/VAT CPH/NTC

The official squad will be announced next weekend, as Anders Lie Nielsen has been granted dispensation to try to qualify at a swim meet in USA.


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