Autopsy report out: Alex died of a blood clot in his heart

Silver medallist Alexander Dale OenAt a press conference today, doctors revealed results of a full autopsy into Alexander Dale Oen’s death during high altitude training in Flagstaff, Arizona. It turns out that Alex died of a heart attack caused by a blood clot in one of his coronary arteries, a type of disease highly unusual in young people such him, and that his shoulder problem might have been a symptom of what was to come. The doctors apologize for not having discovered this disease, saying these findings are extremely surprising, and that probably no other Norwegian has ever been examined so thoroughly as Alex. Read for instance SwimmingWorld Magazine and Reuters.

Photo courtesy of Helgi Haldórsson, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


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  1. Although it was unusual in young people, but it is alarming to find out that mortality rate due to blot clots is increasing in young too!

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