Imagine an underwater nightclub

Don’t book your tickets to New York just yet, might be a clever viral marketing campaign for Technomarine watches.


5 responses to “Imagine an underwater nightclub”

  1. Now I would actually go to an underwater nightclub! I’ve been to a bar made entirely out of ice, so I can’t imagine that an actual underwater one is too far away. By the way, welcome to Livefyre! If you ever have any questions or feedback, give us a shout.

    1.  @AdamBritten Wow, first post, Adam ! – hopefully others can comment too ! ;-)

      1. bartal Avatar

         @swimmersdaily That nightclub must have awful sound.

  2. This seems so cool!

  3. […] no, it was fake. Via Yahoo! News … “We didn’t want to create a hoax,” says […]

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