Delayed news from Pál’s 1500 freestyle here today

Edith ommaOur dear grandmother passed away on Thursday, so me and Bartal will be at the chapel this afternoon. But there are all kinds of possibilities to follow the Danish Trials, by showing up at Bellahøj (admission is free), or watching the live stream from 15:00 UTC, or checking up on the results for instance on

I understand that Pál is going for as good as result as possible, having in mind that he gave everything in the 4×200 freestyle yesterday. Mads needs to swim at least 15:11.83 to qualify for the Olympics in the 1500. And Pál needs to make the 15:25.51 ‘stability time’ demanded by the Danish Olympic Committee, in order to confirm his 14:46.33 qualification time from Shanghai 2011.


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