EPFL develops full-body sensor suits to improve swimmers’ training

Scientists from EPFL’s Laboratory of Movement Analysis and Measurement (LMAM) have developed waterproof inertial systems to be sewn into full-body swimming suits, equipped with accelerometers and gyroscope, which can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of elite-level swimmers during workout sessions. Parameters are for instance instantaneous swimming speed and coordination, and the swimmer’s gas exchange by using a modified snorkel.

“This system, called Physilog III, has a number of advantages over the conventional cameras that coaches have been using up to this point,” explains Farzin Dadashi, a PhD student who’s in charge of the project. “A camera can only focus on one swimmer at a time and it takes several days to analyze the data. Worn by the swimmers, our system provides a practical tool to analyze the performance from several athletes simultaneously, and it only takes a few minutes.”

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