Video Shows Car With 12-Year-Old Girl Inside Plunging From Waterfall, Followed by Dad Who Can’t Swim | New York Post

Dramatic video shows the moment a car with a screaming 12-year-old girl trapped inside suddenly plunges over a waterfall in India — quickly followed by the girl’s dad, who leaped in to save her even though he cannot swim.

The harrowing ordeal was caught on now-viral cellphone footage Sunday at the popular Lodhiya Kund waterfall near the city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh state, according to The Times of India.

The red Honda Brio is initially seen atop a roughly 15-foot cliff above a pond — having rolled backward with the young girl, Zaunak Ali, inside getting changed, the outlet said.

Her dad, Tayyab Ali, 40, desperately tries to yank the car door open as it rolls — but is unable to stop it plunging bumper-first over the side with his daughter still trapped inside.

The dad is seen leaping in immediately after the car — helplessly flailing around in the water as his daughter’s screams fill the air, the video shows.

People who were enjoying a picnic nearby appear to initially freeze with shock, before jumping in to save the pair from drowning.


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