Tech Talks Featuring English-Channel Swimmer Jeannie Zappe: “What if I Can?” | Indiana Tech

Jeannie Zappe is the eternal optimist. At 55, she trained for and successfully swam the English Channel solo, becoming the 707th woman since 1926 to do so. In September 2022, she completed a solo Catalina Channel crossing to complete the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming—one of 280 people to swim around Manhattan, across the English Channel, and from Santa Catalina Island to mainland California.

Jeannie inspires people to listen to their hearts, figure out what they want to do in their lifetime—no matter how big or small—and have the courage and confidence to say yes to those things. She is an inspirational presenter, a personal/swim coach, and a marathon open-water swimmer with so many more goals. She owns and operates Eternal Optimist, LLC (, located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.


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