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From https://www.swimmingpoolsteve.com/pag… – The first and most obvious reason that more people do not own swimming pools is simply because they are so expensive. Owning or installing a swimming pool is a massive luxury that most people simply cannot afford to have. It is also worth noting that you would have to have not just your own home but also a property with that home that is large enough to have a swimming pool. Again this is just not something that everyone can afford.

In addition to the obvious cost concerns, there is also the question of safety. There are a lot of people, especially people with small children in the home, who would simply just not consider to own a swimming pool for safety reasons. Even though there are safety mechanisms in place such as self-closing gates, door and window alarms, and even automatic swimming pool covers this is still not enough to satisfy the safety requirement for some people. Another common reason why people do not get swimming pools is simply because there is so much commitment involved. When you own or install a swimming pool that means you are married to it. Year after year you will need to maintain it whether you are using it or not. This represents both a time and a money commitment. In total owning a swimming pool can be fantastic but realistically it is just not something that everyone can afford or wants to have.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this article. A swimming pool is a potential threat to child safety, indeed. If you dream of having a pool but this fact stops you from installing it, consider an above-ground swimming pool, as it may be inherently safer. By default, most above-ground pools have a high entry point of 52 to 54-inches, which reduces the chance of accidental falls.

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