FINA Bureau Votes to Remove Disgraced Doctor Lothar Kipke From FINA Honours List

The FINA Bureau has unanimously voted to remove Dr. Lothar Kipke from the FINA honours list, effective immediately. Kipke was convicted for the leading role he played in doping East German swimmers in the 1970s and 1980s. Following the election of FINA President Captain Husain Al-Musallam, and based on extensive consultation with the swimming community, FINA promised a swift response to the matter.

“There is no place for doping in aquatics and certainly no place for individuals who have been found guilty of causing great damage to our sport, and cheating clean athletes of a fair chance. For a doctor to harm athletes in the search for medals is unacceptable and I am proud that FINA has decided to send a clear message,” said FINA President Al-Musallam.

Kipke had received a FINA award in the 1980s as a former member of the FINA Medical Commission, long before his extensive wrongdoing came to light.

“FINA will continue to listen carefully to the swimming community as we address FINA’s actions of the past while delivering reforms for the future.  I am fully confident that the measures we are implementing mean that aquatics athletes can be sure of FINA’s determination to protect clean athletes and promote clean sport.”



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