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Over 300,000 people a year die from drowning globally, mostly in developing countries.

3500 Americans a year die from drowning, mostly from low to middle income and black and brown communities.

Contributors factors: access to pools and other bodies of water, fear of water, cost of learning to swim programs.

Our guest in this episode is on a mission to change those stats, and by the way, leave it to a Paralympian without the full function of his limbs to show the world that anyone CAN swim.

Jamal Hill is an American Paralympic swimmer currently competing in the S10 classification (for those of you who aren’t familiar with para classification, we talk about it). He’s a many-time US national champion and currently focused on qualifying for Tokyo.

Jamal runs a non-profit called SwimUpHill that teaches a learn-to-swim curriculum called the BOWL / BENCH / BUCKET method that doesn’t require a pool or body of water. Their goal: teach a million people to swim.

People if you’re not out there getting it done, listen to the words of this dude and go get after it.

He’s awesome. Here’s our conversation with Jamal Hill.



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