Joseph Schooling – Olympic Gold – Coming Home Parade – Four Years Ago | Sergio Lopez Miro Vlogs

Watch some of the pictures and videos I took four years ago after Joseph Schooling wrote a huge chapter for the history of Sports in Singapore. Joseph won the gold medal in the 100 Butterfly at the 2016 Rio Olympics in an amazing race that had three swimmers tie for second place.

The image of Joseph Schooling holding the Singaporean Flag and having Michael Phelps (Best Olympic athlete in history), Chad Le Clos (the one that beat Michael Phelps first) and Lazlo Cseh (one of the best in the history of swimming) is one that has amazing meaning and history of swimming and the Olympic Sports.

I feel privileged to have coached Joseph for many years and that I was able to witness first hand such a “Moment In Time”. I was not his primary coach at the Games, Eddie Reese (University of Texas) was his coach at that time and I don’t want to take credit for his medal, I just want to share these images that I found a couple of days ago in one of my drives. Enjoy!


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