Swim Tube Training for Triathletes

Swim training doesn’t have to take place in the pool. At TriDot, we are big proponents of incorporating “Tubing” into your Tri training. Here are the 3 steps you need to follow in order to get the most out of your swim tube workouts

Step 1: Buy swim specific tubes We recommend the Halo SPHandle with Tubing from Lanegainer.com or the StretchCordz found on Amazon.

Step 2: Learn how to properly work the 3 primary movements. The Catch, Diagonal, and Finish. With the resistance tubes we can isolate these 1 at a time, put two of them together, or mimic the full stroke with all 3.

Step 3: Combine the three primary movements into a workout routine based on number of reps or by the duration of time. Focus on maintaining good form, and only do as many reps as you can complete while maintaining good form. Examples of possible routines are below.


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