Coronavirus My Advice to You – Durban South Africa Sarah Ferguson Open Water Swimmer

This is my advice to everyone asking me about Coronavirus. I’m Sarah Ferguson the Open Water Swimmer from Durban South Africa and I just got my result from my CoronaVirus Test COVID19. I have been asked a lot of questions so I thought this would be the best way to answer them. If you have any other questions about being tested positive or negative for COVID19 Coronavirus you are welcome to ask them in the comments down below.

I have tested positive for the Coronavirus Test in South Africa. This is me telling you what you can do to flatten the curve in South Africa. I started showing Coronavirus symptoms and went for a test in Umhlanga the test result took 6 days so there is a backlog to getting your results and the stats that you are getting for the number of positive cases of Coronavirus in south Africa are very delayed.


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