13-Year-Old Boy Drowns After Pool-Hopping At Folcroft Swim Club, Police Say

A 13-year-old boy is dead after drowning at the Folcroft Swim Club hours after it closed. Police say he was part of a small group of teens who were “pool hopping” in Delaware County before the tragic accident. […]

They slipped the gated fence at the swim club and started playing on floats in the deep end.

But the fun quickly turned to panic after the 13-year-old boy apparently tried to jump off the high diving board onto a float.

“The subject who is the victim was going to jump off and use that as he came in but landed on the other witness and the float went away from everybody,” Bair said, “and then I guess it became a scramble.”

Police say since the other three boys couldn’t swim and help their friend, they ran away.

See CBS Philly


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