Nobody cared to save lifeless man – but many were filming the incident

Yesterday, 24-year-old Nicolai Ris saved an elderly man who had driven his car into the harbor in the Danish town of Nykøbing Mors. He is shocked that no one who saw the incident was helping the man, but that people instead were filming the incident with mobile phones.

English tourists saw what they thought was a raft turned upside down. It turned out that it was a car that had gone into the harbor Nykøbing Mors in Denmark, and that an elderly man was lying lifeless in the water.
24-year-old Nicolai Ris rescued the man but is upset that no one went into the water to help the man out. Instead, there were many just filming with their cell phone, says Nicolai Ris.

“I stood on the slipway and was just about to put the watercraft into the water when I heard the cry for help. I managed to drive the watercraft to the place of the accident and jumped into the water to an elderly man lying with his back up and his head under water. He had a big gash in his head,” explains Nicolai Ris.

A couple of other persons managed to throw a line out to Nicolai Ris, and together they managed to get the man ashore and to keep him alive until the ambulance arrived after 5-10 minutes, after when the paramedics took over. The elderly man is out of danger.

“There was a big crowd of people, but nobody did anything. Instead, there were many who were just filming with their cell phone,” says Nicolai Ris. According to the rescuer, the elderly man was only one meter from the quay, and there was a ladder down to where the man lay.

“- And the water is not even cold,” he says.

Read Nordjyske and Kristeligt Dagblad (in Danish)




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