SwimVortex suspends its coverage of swimming

Many are the reasons why our work is no longer sustainable but in short our decision comes down to this:

  • the resources required for us to achieve our goals and deliver truly independent journalism, analysis and statistical services in swimming are simply not available
  • swimming and the priorities of a failing leadership that is not being held to account by key stakeholders, is sinking down the ranks of sports covered by the mainstream media and professional journalists far and wide. Swimming is among the sports being dropped as digital-era budget cuts and belt-tightening gather pace in the press; this, too, has an impact on the way we fund our work and justify our presence and time as journalists
  • swimming has become ever more a sport covered remotely; that’s no fun, nor does it lend itself to telling the stories that can only be told by being there, watching, listening, hearing, interacting, getting to know the swimmers and their coaches and sometimes their parents and families, too – and then relating human stories stacked with challenge, struggle, humour, achievement and setback. That’s how swimming used to be covered. It no longer is.

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Photo by Steve Snodgrass


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