Synchronized swimming: Like ‘ballet in water,’ but brace yourself for bruises

If you want to get ahead in synchronized swimming it pays to be able to multitask.

Described as “ballet in water,” the strength and flexibility required to deliver routines that can be up to five minutes long might look effortless in competition, but this is a discipline that takes up to six hours a day of daily practice.

“The training is going on in the gym as well as the water,” Hungarian synchronized swimming team’s head coach Natalia Tarasova told CNN Sport’s Christina Macfarlane ahead of the FINA World Aquatics Championships which start Friday in Budapest.

“There is usually one and a half hours in the gym. We are doing a lot of counting with the music as well, so we are doing music training in the gym as well as in the water.”

Strong legs, eye coordination and teamwork are key, says Tarasova.

“It’s a lot of leg work and a lot of looking, so you have to be really careful with the other girls and you have to be a team member to do all this hard work underwater.”


Photo by o.did


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