Beneath the Surface

A dark, comic tale that jumps between a psychiatrist’s office and the fast lane of a public swimming pool, Beneath the Surface is the story of Michael, a young man undergoing long-term psychiatric evaluation.

During the film we see how perceived infringements of etiquette spiral out of control in a delusional mind and conclude with a startling self-realisation on the behalf of our silent narrator.

Thematically Beneath the Surface explores how Apophenia (seeing patterns and making connections in random or meaningless data) can effect memory and behaviour whilst observing some humorous truths about lane swimming in public pools.

Written and directed by filmmaker Alexander Osman, the story is beautifully captured by acclaimed cinematographer Shaun Harley Lee and scored by Prix Italia-nominated composer, Jon Nicholls.

A talented cast is led by Stephen McLeod, Lucy Roselyn and Tommie Grabiec.


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