Ex-Drury University swimmer says hazing ended athletic career

A former swimmer at a university in southwestern Missouri says hazing that he and others endured during his freshman year left him with physical and mental injuries that ended his athletic career.

The allegations from Evan Petrich, 20, were confirmed Monday night by Drury University director of athletics Mark Fisher, who said during a news conference that the school in Springfield has toughened its hazing policy, the Springfield News-Leader reported.

Petrich said the abuse occurred during an “initiation week” in September 2015 when he and other freshmen swimmers were taken blindfolded to a home and held in a basement while being forced to drink alcohol until some vomited and others nearly blacked out.

At other times, they were hit by dodgeballs while naked, forced to watch pornographic movies and were asked to “rank” female swimmers by their looks, Petrich said.

He said he’s being treated for conversion disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder caused by the hazing.




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