Rio Paralympics Producing ‘Unusual Number’ of Records

Two and a half days into the Rio 2016 Paralympics and 65 world records have fallen.

Rio 2016 communications director Mario Andrada told Around the Rings the number of world records at these Games have defied expectations from Games organizers.

“I want to praise the athletes – we have had an amazing 65 world records broken – 42 in swimming, 14 in athletics, five in cycling track and four in powerlifting – an amazing performance of the athletes so far in the Games,” Andrada says.

Andrada added that the volume in which the records have been broken may come from the way Rio 2016 venues were designed.

“There have been an unusual number of world records at the Paralympics and the Olympics,” he tells ATR.

“I think it may be partly because in the swimming there is no diving tank on the side so it is a faster pool,” he added. “Also the same thing happened in the velodrome because the course is not symmetrical with one side sloped more than the other.”

Although there are slight differences in the venues, Andrada says each was tested and certified by its respective International Federation before the Games began.

“Also it is important that the results should all be attributed to the achievements of the athletes here who are doing an amazing job,” Andrada says.

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