Lochte Wanted To Quit After DWTS Protest

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has admits there was a brief period following his drama-filled “Dancing with the Stars” debut last week when he considered hanging up his ballroom shoes. Lochte said “Right after the show I wanted to quit because it hurt so bad. And having my mom in hysterics, crying — watching her go through it, that hurt me. And I wanted to quit.” Lochte’s dancing partner and his family reminded Lochte that he’s “not a quitter … so I’m still here.” On the season premiere of Dancing With The Stars, two protesters told reporters last week they staged the stunt to protest the casting of Lochte. Lochte has been entangled in a flurry of bad press stemming from his “exaggerated” claim that he and three other swimmers had been robbed at gunpoint while in Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics.



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