‘DWTS’ Ryan Lochte Protester Speaks Out

One of the protesters arrested during “Dancing with the Stars” Monday night, tells Access Hollywood how he feels about 12-time Olympic medalist and “DWTS” contestant, Ryan Lochte.


2 responses to “‘DWTS’ Ryan Lochte Protester Speaks Out”

  1. siobhan michaud Avatar
    siobhan michaud

    How he “feels” is irrelevant. You can dislike someone and not attempt to attack them.

  2. Laurel Highlands-Nestor Avatar
    Laurel Highlands-Nestor

    Enough is enough! Bring the Bible back to the classroom. Teach forgiveness. Ryan owned up to his mistakes and is trying to move on. We who were not there do not know the entire story, nor will we ever will. The bottom line is he has been punished, it is not up to us to punish Ryan nor judge him. Only one judge in the life. Best of luck Ryan hold your head high and keep dancing. Protestors put others in danger, they may think they are doing good, but not always the case.

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