5 reasons why swimming and diving aren’t popular spectator sports

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Packed football stadiums and stuffed bleachers at a basketball game are a common sight, but swim meets fall into a separate category of popularity.

There must be some explanation for the empty bleachers and lack of general fame, but one of the highest viewed sports in the Olympics is one of the less popular sports in the country, especially on the collegiate level. Grantland Reality TV Fantasy League writer Bill Simmons said Olympic swimming is one of the most-watched Olympic sports.

The 2012 Olympic Swim Trials were often held in front of sell-out crowds, or 18,975 full seats in the audience.

This contrast to the lack of excitement and public swim and dive support in the country begs the question of why audiences are only interested in swim and dive when the Olympics roll around.

Read the 5 reasons suggested here on The Digital Universe

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