Haverhill swimming trophy returned after 36 years

It has been 36 years since the Haverhill High School swim team won a state championship and for all of those years the trophy has been missing.

Back in 1978 Haverhill didn’t have a trophy case so Coach Tom McCutchan kept it with him.

“State championship, I mean that means you’re the best in the state and not too many teams can claim that anywhere. We’ve only had about a dozen here in the whole history of the school,” Haverhill Athletic Director Tom O’Brien said.

But Coach Mccutchan left the school in 1981 for a new job and took the trophy with him. It went with him from job to job, city to city. Everyone eventually forgot about it–until now.

“After all these years, he was cleaning out his closet and found this trophy and decided it was time to give it back to the school and the swimmers,” former swimmer Jefferson Davis said.


7News Boston WHDH-TV


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