Swimming stars Bronte and Cate Campbell find inspiration close to home

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Australian swim stars Cate and Bronte Campbell do not need to look far for grounding when they feel themselves caught up in ”first-world” problems. When they think things are getting too hard, their younger brother Hamish provides a timely reminder that  things are really not that bad.

Hamish has cerebral palsy and the 15-year-old has the development of an one to three-year-old and requires around-the-clock care. But he appears perpertually happy.

With the limited communication he possesses, whether it is a smile when he sees one of his sisters or when he delivers a well-timed noise that disrupts a family dispute, he brings joy and a sense of perspective to his parents and four sisters.

”Whenever we think that our lives are getting too hard, we look over at him and he can’t feed himself, he can’t clothe himself, he can’t go to the toilet by himself, he can’t tell us when he’s thirsty or he’s hungry, he can’t see and you think, ‘You know what? My life is pretty good’,” Cate says.


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