Great Danes to attend the Mon Meet in Marseilles this weekend

mon-2014Read (intro is in Danish, but the interview with national coach Juba is in English)

A quick Google translation of the Danish intro (and outro)

Friday 7th till Sunday 9th March 2014, the Great Danes will attend the Mon Meet in Marseilles, France, which according to national coach Nick Juba is characterized by a high level and intense competition. Juba emphasizes that France, along with Russia, is one of the strongest swimming nations in Europe at the moment. It will therefore be a challenge for the Danish participants be able to compete. It is important that all the men in the squad prove that they learned something in Antwerp a few weeks ago, which for Nick Juba was a disappointing meet. This time they will have to be brave and give everything they have, whether it is in preliminary heats or finals. The national coach hopes that the men show good form and a focused approach to both race preparation and the actual race performance. And he feels that the Mon Meet is a good place to begin this approach.

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The interview in English

What kind of meet is Mon Meet in Marseilles?

Well, the Mon Meet in Marseilles is one of a series of top European meets based in France, and Marseilles has been a hot-bed of swimming excellence in recent years. I know that the top 10 best Spanish swimmers are racing at the meet later in the week, and some good British sprinters will attend as well. France, along with Russia, is currently Europe’s strongest swimming nation, and there will be lots of great home swimmers.

Will you maintain the focus on tough races and overall rankings this weekend?

Yes, there will be a continued focus upon racing tough and racing fast. The Antwerp Meet was most disappointing and I will be looking for big improvements in Marseilles, both in race approach and race execution. The Danish men have to be brave, and they have to be daring. They have to stand up and be counted when it matters. The Mon Meet is a great place to start this process!

How do you expect the Great Danes to perform?

Far, far better than in Antwerp! We are now over a month further into the season and less than a month from the Danish Open, which is the main selection meet for 2014. The Great Danes should be starting to get into good shape right now and even though none of them have started tapering, I will be looking for every swim, whether heat or final, to be raced hard and to be within 2% of a personal best time.


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