Ruta Meilutyte hits the books in big year

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Plymouth’s swimming superstar Ruta Meilutyte is hitting the books as well as the pool in a bid to safeguard her future.

The 16-year-old Olympic gold medallist and world record holder is concerned about what comes next should her meteoric swimming career come to a sudden end.

Image courtesy of, CC BY 2.0
Image courtesy of, CC BY 2.0

Lithuanian international Meilutyte, who swims for Plymouth Leander, won the Olympic gold in the 100m breast-stroke at the London Games in 2012.

The Plymouth College student is also the world record holder in the event.

The teenager, who has lived in Plymouth for four years, said: “I am taking GCSEs this year and they are really important to me.

“I’m very aware that I’m only one accident away from an injury that might mean the end of my swimming, so I know I need qualifications.

“I don’t particularly like studying or academic work – I’d much rather be doing something in the pool.

“But I know I’ve got to get these exams done.”

Featured image courtesy of, CC BY 2.0


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