Open Ocean – Time Lapsed Art by Burg Thurston

“Excited to share my second large wave art project; Open Ocean. If you love waves, you’ll know this is the classic wave that all young ocean lovers aspire to scribble in their school books, it depicts perfection and draws you into it’s alluring power.

This painting is based off one of my favourite photos I took in 2013, I had to swim 2km out to sea to an Open Ocean bombie of reef and while I was dodging wild and heavy 10 foot clean up sets, this 6 foot slab creeped through on the inside wrapping flawlessly to the reef platform and exploding into the sky. Still to date one of the best waves i’ve ever seen break with my own eyes..

Thought it’s worthy of being glorified in paint..”

Open Ocean – Time Lapsed Art by Burg Thurston from Burg Thurston on Vimeo.


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