Giant Isopod “NO.1” died today, 1869 days after his last meal

See the notice from Toba Aquarium

World famous giant isopod “NO.1” died today, five years and 43 days after having his last meal, a horse mackerel that he devoured on 2 January 2009. That is 18 days before President Obama began his first term. “No.1” has now been dissected and his stomach content checked, but still the cause of death is unknown.

Some key data off the Toba Aquarium site:

NO.1 (male)

  • (September 9, 2007) length 29cm weight 1040g: Admission time
  • (February 14, 2014) length 29cm weight 1060g: death
  • Survival time: 6 years 158 days (2350 days)
  • Fasting Days: 5 years 43 days (1869 days)

Thanks to Akihiro Yasui for submitting this story, whose brother can supply even more long-lasting isopods

Image courtesy of, CC BY-SA 2.5


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