Germantown Academy grad Arthur Frayler: ‘There was no hazing’

dick-shoulbergRead The Intelligencer

On any team, there’s always going to be horsing around in the locker room, on the field or whatever it is,” said Frayler, whose time of 4:17.96 in winning the 500-yard freestyle at the 2012 Eastern Interscholastic Swimming and Diving Championships broke the school and meet record formerly held by the late Fran Crippen.

“When I was at GA, absolutely not — there was no hazing or serious issues, and especially when I was a junior, and senior in the captain position. Shoulberg made it really clear to us that it was not acceptable.

“Hearing rumors and reading articles of hazing and related issues and Shoulberg throwing it under the table, I knew that wasn’t true. I was a captain on the team for a year; I swam there since the fourth grade, and everything Shoulberg did was professional in nature that it was taken care of. Any situation, whether it was just kids being kids, he still reported it when he had to.


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