Danish Short Course Champs 2013 – Day 2


Magnus Jákupsson and Andreas Schiellerup both won the men’s 50 backstroke final in a new Danish record of 24.21 seconds, the now former record Schiellerup’s 24.35 from the Szczecin 2011 European SC Championships.


(Schiellerup and Jákupsson joint winners in the 50 back, photo courtesy of Jákup Jacobsen)

8 swimmers were added to the 14 from yesterday that are now qualified for the Herning 2013 European SC Championships, see svoem.dk:

  • 800 free W – Lotte Friis
  • 100 breast M – Niklas Hedegaard
  • 100 free W – Jeanette Ottesen Gray, Pernille Blume, Julie Levisen
  • 100 fly M – Daniel Steen Andersen
  • 100 back W – Mie Ø. Nielsen
  • 50 back M – Andreas Schiellerup

Here is video from the men’s 50 backstroke final

Men’s 800 freestyle

This was our little victory over the Danish ‘imperialists’, when Pál Joensen and Alvi Hjelm took both the gold and silver medals, and Alvi at the same time the gold medal in the junior competition. Admittedly in the one race that didn’t really matter to the Danes right now, as it didn’t count as a qualification event for the Europeans nor the Nordic champs. But we will take it, and I’m especially proud that Alvi is still ‘homegrown’ and based in the Faroe Islands. Pál Joensen 7:44.49, Alvi Hjelm 8:08.37 (a personal improvement of about 12 seconds since April), and first real Dane Laust Moesgaard in 8:12.64. See the result list here.

Women’s 800 freestyle

This was the expected walk in the park for Lotte Friis, clocking 8:11.98 with Julie Aglund Lauridsen second in 8:34.45 and Mathilde Huss-Hansen third in 8:41.47, all three and 4th placed Ida Schütt within the Herning 2013 time standard of 8:46.36, but only Lotte and Julie going because of the LEN cap of only 2 swimmers from each country in the longest event. See the result list here.

Men’s 400 individual medley

Yay, I was right, Viktor B. Bromer the best man right now despite of Chris Christensen holding the Danish and Nordic record of 4:05.98 (from 2009). But it was a close one, Viktor 4:07.38 to Chris’ 4:07.76, both well within the Herning 2013 time standard of 4:15.83, and Christensen’s 2012 victory time of 4:09.31, third placed Anton Ørskov Ipsen also nipping inside the Herning 2013 cut with a time of 4:13.59. See the result list here.

Women’s 200 breaststroke

This I guess anyone could write blindfolded. Rikke Møller Pedersen won, of course. She says on Facebook that she’d hoped to go under 2:19, but that her arms were heavy and the turns a bit off. Still, 2:19.36 and on the Herning 2013 roster in this event also, second placed Louise B. Dalgaard and third placed Josefine Pedersen outside the 2:26.18 in 2:29.51 and 2:30.71 respectively. See the result list here.

Men's 100 breaststroke

Niklas Hedegaard the only one under the 1:00.41 Herning 2013 cut, winning in 59.67, Lasse Pittioni and Mathias Andersen agonizing close to that European ticket with silver and bronze in 1:00.53 and 1:00.56, respectively. See the result list here.

Women's 100 freestyle

Here I had forgotten to check if Mie Ø. Nielsen participated in the prelims the day before, and the odds were therefore even more in Jeanette Ottesen's favor. Clear victory 52.37, Pernille Blume second in 53.51 and Julie Levisen third in 54.36. All on the Danish team for Herning 2013 in this event, the cut-off time being 55.41. See the result list here.

Men's 100 butterfly

A for me unexpected win to Daniel Steen Andersen, 52.07 to a maybe now after the 400 IM a bit tired Viktor B. Andersen's 52.40, Søren Dahl third in 52.73. The time standard for Herning 2013 being 52.66, Daniel and Viktor get to go. See the result list here.

Women's 100 backstroke

Mie Ø. Nielsen cruised as expected to a clear win, maybe nursing a bad should but still winning in impressive 57.09, ahead of teammate Isabella K. Sørensen in 1:00.06 and Sarah Bro in 1:00.60. The Herning 2013 time standard of 59.99 means Isabella was only very, very close. See the result list here.

Men's 50 backstroke

Yay, the expected big duel of the night didn't disappoint - or maybe it did - as Andreas Schiellerup and Magnus Jákupsson blasted those 50 meters in exactly the same time, 24.21 and a new Danish record. Under the Herning 2013 time standard of 24.56, third placed Morten Bak Hansen not so far from it (but still) in 24.92. See the result list here.

Women's 50 butterfly

Another absolutely expected Jeanette Ottesen win, 25.20 to Pernille Juel's 26.87 and Emilie Beckmann's 26.88. Only Jeanette gets to represent Denmark in this event, as the required minimum time limit was 26.48. See the result list here.

Interesting detail from the relays

According to swimnews.dk, Magnus Westermann now only has to finish in the top three tomorrow (and not bother about the time standard set), as he in the 4x100 freestyle relay tonight managed to swim the first 100 in 48.66, the Herning 2013 in this (individual) event being 48.82.    


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